Wacky Wednesday next Wednesday 28th September.
Celebrating the last day of September. Both sides, all children and teachers!! Get amongst it and dress as wacky as you can!!

Welcome to

Christopher & Robin

Christopher and Robin ECC in Whangarei is an excellent early childhood centre with outstanding resources. The centre provides an extremely high standard of care and education for infants and toddlers based on RIE philosophy. The preschool and kindergarten centre embraces the Reggio project approach with outstanding standards of literacy and numeracy.

Our Mission
To provide a safe home away from home and to encourage children to take a growing responsibility for their own quality learning and behaviour and to achieve this with a christian emphasis, in partnership with the family.

At Christopher & Robin we will:

Nurture and provide a warm, caring environment for each child.

Encourage a child's family to engage in their care and education as a co-operative venture. Contribute to the child feeling in control of his or her own learning.
Expose the child to a wide range of expressive media to develop the spontaneous joy of successful learning. Equip the child with strategies of "how to learn" including the confidence to take risks. Allow the child time to reflect in order to achieve quality.