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Learning and Development

Embracing the New Zealand curriculum of Te Whaariki

At Christopher and Robin each child becomes:

  • A thinker who listens
  • An inquirer who negotiates
  • An inventor who collaborates, and
  • An individual who believes in him or herself

At Christopher & Robin ECC educators will enhance children’s learning and development through;


  • Relationships and Interactions which are responsive, reciprocal, positive and encouraging.
  • Extending children’s thinking and actions through sensitive and informed guidance; interventions and support.
  • Respecting children’s preferences and involving children in decisions about their participation in activities.
  • Planning and evaluating the physical environment and providing resources to support the needs of each child and to facilitate quality curriculum and interactions.
  • Modeling non-discriminatory behaviours and promoting this with children.
  • Implementing strategies to include all children.
  • Our educators will demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the learning and development of each child, identify learning goals for individual children, and use this information as a basis for planning, evaluating and improving curriculum programmes.